How can I have a go?
Buy a ticket on my Kickstarter page
What countries will you visit?
These are the top 10 countries that use Kickstarter so they will be visited first. I'll post the exact tour dates once I know how much demand there is.

If I suddenly get a lot of donations from South Korea then I’ll add Seoul to the tour. Same goes for any other country outside the top 10.

What if you don’t come to my country?

You can have a refund, or you can hold onto your ticket and use it in another country.

How long do I have to wait?

To make a small batch of a hundred or so rope launchers and targets will take me 6 months. Then I’ll go on the road.

What will the experience be like?

You can do some small practice swings and basic manoeuvres. And those who are good enough will be let into the main arena where you can shoot and swing in any direction you want.

How to make this safe enough?

This is essentially a theme park ride, so I've been using British safety standard HSG 175 as my guide. Specifically this means swapping out arduinos with safety PLCs and watchdog circuits, that sort of thing.

And with your funding I can immediately hire someone to get started on compliance with your own countries rules and regulations. For the USA I need to follow ASTM F24. For the EU it is EN13181. China, GB840. Australia, AS 3533.

Where should I watch the video?

I've uploaded a high quality (1920 x 1080) version of my video to YouTube.

What inspired you?

I've always dreamed of swinging through the air like Spider-Man. Other influences were Batman, Attack on Titan, Liero, Assassins Creed and Zelda. There are just so many fictional examples that I grew frustrated at the lack of a real, working grappling hook launcher so I decided to build one for myself.